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Recent surveys made by market research companies Datamonitor, Gallup, IDC, Telemate and Websense in Europe and the USA show that:

  • 10% of Brits confess having not enough work to do;
  • 13% of Brits confess they are idling from boredom in their job;
  • 25% of Europeans take a nap during their work time;
  • 25% of employees in the USA are addicted to the Internet;
  • 27% of US companies already had fired their employees because of  an inappropriate use of the Internet and e-mail;
  • 37% of employees in the USA surf on shopping and auction websites during their working hours;
  • 46% of employees buy Christmas gifts on Internet during working hours;
  • 60% of employees, that have an access to the Internet, spend from 20 minutes up to 3 hours per day for various not work-related activities: they play computer games, search for news, goods to buy, visit porno sites, search for other entertainments;
  • 67% of employees in the USA visit news sites for personal purposes;
  • 67% of European companies observe why  their employees search the Internet;
  • 75% of Brits admit, that they write personal e-mails during their work time;
  • More than 77% of US companies record and review means of telecommunications used by their employees.
"KODINIS RAKTAS" offers economic and efficient solution of the problem -monitoring system "EAGLEMASTER", which enables periodic saving of computer display screenshots at workplaces, registering duration of active computer use, viewing daily reports on computer use, transmitting images from office premises over to administrator's computer via web cameras. If the company has more than 5 computers - investment into purchasing "EAGLEMASTER" software usually returns within several days, and the Manager of the company can find out what  his employees are engaged in at any time. In case of any disagreements, there is always a possibility to review monthly archives from a particular workplace, resulting in greater discipline at work and reduction of mistrust

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IS provides order management, warehouse management, material resource planning functions for production enterprises.