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  Accessories for vehicle security systems


KSD is a two-zone semiconductor - shock and tilt sensor. Product price is quite low (retail price up to  18 €). KSD has  very high temperature stability, and high accuracy of adjustment. Possibility of  false alarm is especially low. KSD2 detects vehicle's tilt in two axes. It protects vehicle from towing away and wheel theft. It also can fulfill the feature of glass break sensor.
Product is manufactured in Lithuania.



KRH - siren (loudspeaker).  It is manufactured by special order of the company "KODINIS RAKTAS". 18 months warranty is given for the siren. Small measurements, and high sound pressure make KRH special. It does not have electronic components inside, that's why it is so reliable, resistant to moisture and temperature. KRH can be installed under the hood. Retail price about - 6 €.


Product is manufactured in China.

RF-LATCHER is an adjuvant USB tool. Designed for quick set-up of C60 and GN7 series security systems and also for testing of remotes. RF-LATCHER is used with PC and "CAdmin" software. With the help of this device, the settings, which are seen on the computer screen, are sent to the security system by radio interface. This makes the set-up of C60 or GN7 much more efficient and faster, and information about the settings made for the client's security system remains in the computer. Device is sold to installers only.




PULSE-LATCHER is an adjuvant USB tool. It is designed for GN6Ia series security system adaptation to the vehicles electronic circuits and quick set-up. It  can also be used for extending
 database of CAN-BUS adapter CANREADER. It is used with  PC and "CAdmin" software. Device is connected to the security system through the system sensor's  connector. PULSE-LATCHER enables much faster configuration of  securty system. In addition, the records about the settings made to clients system are stored in the computer. Device is sold to installers only.




CANREADER2 is a device designed to interface car alarm systems or other aftermarket car equipment (without an in-build CAN bus interface) to car CAN bus. Depending on the car CANREADER2 is capable to monitor car's door, hood, trunk, ignition, engine running, brake pedal and central lock status. Also to control central lock, direction indicators and close windows.

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CAdmin (Car Alarm Administrator) programme is designed for fast and efficient installation and settings storage of  C60, GN7, GN7C and GN6Ia series alarm systems. It works only when device  RF-LATCHER, HF-LATCHER  or PULSE-LATCHER device is connected to the computer.

 Download the latest vesion of the programme:      
Setup "CAdmin" v3.697b.exe
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