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Car alarm system for keyless CAN-BUS cars « 2009-10-28
The deluxe car alarm GN7C for CAN-BUS controlled cars is now also available for keyless cars. Since 2007, carmakers such as AUDI, NISSAN etc. started to use keyless systems widely in new cars and aftermarket installation of regular remote control type car alarms became even more problematic. The company „KODINIS RAKTAS“, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, has updated its top car alarm product GN7C with keyless data and it is now ready for use in more than 120 models of modern cars controlled by CAN-BUS. GN7C has an in-built starter isolation relay, ultrasonic sensor, accelerometer chip for car tilt or shock detection and 80 different settings to be compatible with car alarm installation philosophy in different countries worldwide.
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