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Cell phone works as a remote keypad for intruder alarm system « 2009-10-27

The „KODINIS RAKTAS“ company continues to enlarge its module range for the intruder alarm family MAS-800. Already available are the control panels PAS808 and PAS816, keypads KM20 and KM20T, zone expander EXM800 and the remote control module RCM800. The new GSM module GSW2, which significantly expands the functionality of MAS-800, is now on the market.

The GSW2 functions the system in the same way as the extra keypad KM20 and emulates basic features of the keypad. So, after the GSW2 is called, your cell phone becomes a remote keypad. When the connection is established via the GSM network, in order to access the alarm system, the user must enter a valid CODE on the cell phone keypad and then enter the number of the alarm system‘s function. Function 0 is used to disarm the system, function 1 is used to arm it, function 00 is used to clear the alarm and function 007 starts the microphone. If the user CODE is changed on the KM20 keypad, the new CODE must then be used on the cell phone. In case of intrusion or technical fault the GSW2 will call the user, sound an alarm melody and send a text message with the nature of the alarm.

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