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Cell phone works as a remote keypad for intruder alarm system « 2009-10-27
Thanks to the new GSM module GSW2, users of the MAS-800 security system can check their secured homes, apartments or other objects state even from other cities or countries.

Car alarm system for keyless CAN-BUS cars « 2009-10-28
The deluxe car alarm GN7C for CAN-BUS controlled cars is now also available for keyless cars. Since 2007, carmakers such as AUDI, NISSAN etc. started to use keyless systems....

Security system alerts when GSM communication is jammed « 2009-10-27
The growing popularity of the GSM communication in security systems is driving criminals to use GSM jamming devices. To fight against these kinds of actions...

Medium range user ID cards can be used in car immobilisers and anti-carjack systems « 2009-11-02
A small electronic, medium range ID card was developed by “KODINIS RAKTAS“. The SCL card operates on a 2.4 GHz radio band and emits a unique ID code every 2 seconds....