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It is as (serve) for that (as take advantage wire in alarm ) condition GN61 - without piloting?
GN6I is used as an additional alarm system for cars with built-in manufacturer alarm system or if a central lock is controlled by manufacturer remote controls. Special training mode enables to connect manufacturer remote controls with GN6I alarm system.
Is it possible to do that windows and sunroof close too. I understand the system can give me 40 sec length pulse so I can use this. But it is not good to give power to engines for so long. Shall I stop engine work when window or sunroof is closed?
There are 2 ways for closing windows. 40 sec impulse (FN=51, SN=2 or FN=52, SN=2) and impulse which is eaqual to the press length of button "I" (FN=51, SN=1 or FN=52, SN=3). It is also possible to build an additional block which checks the window engines' voltage.
Can I replace Eurosec E50V with Elita E50 without replacing the wires. I mean can I just stick the joints of Eurosec to Elita, would it work properly?
Yes, it is possible to change Eurosec E50V with Elita E50, just E50V is used with different Siren.

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